Located on the Yakama Nation Reservation, the work of Yakama Christian Mission is to help folk learn, understand, and advocate accountable justice for American Indian and First Nation peoples. Yakama Christian Mission (YCM) has a history of working with Christian denominations like Disciples of Christ, United Church of Christ, and Methodist to enhance their long held great concern for the wellbeing of North American Indian (NAI) peoples. Yakama Christian Mission has been at the forefront of that concern for nearly ninety years. However, such long held concern looks different today with the benefit of hindsight, decades-long focus on reconciliation and anti-racism, and YCM’s work on the Doctrine of Discovery.

Today YCM works to: have Christians better listen to and create more accountability to the voice of American Indians and First Nations people, provide better care and accountability to the Yakama people, dismantle institutional structure that holds Native people outside and as other, partner ecumenically and inter-faith to educate and deepen public awareness of the NAI injustices, and develop and provide a platform for people to discuss and organize for NAI justice.

Yakama Christian Mission’s primary inroad and congregational opportunity to learn and understand what faces NAI’s today are Spring and Summer Workgroup Opportunities. These opportunities allows for weeklong visits to the reservation to talk about and engage issues of NAI justice. Learn more at Learning and Serving.

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