Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary Gathering 2018


Spring 2018

Area in need of protectionThe proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary is dedicated to the nurturing of relationships to Nature and the Ocean in the deepest ways possible. The Chumash understanding and culture-based respect for Nature comes from their long and profound relationships with coastal marine ecosystems.

The proposed Sanctuary embodies internationally and nationally significant oceanographic features, habitat and sacred Chumash onshore and submerged sites, some as far as13 miles offshore. Codependent onshore resources include the high coastal dunes, wetlands and Chumash Sacred sites continuously occupied for 9,000 or more years. (Find more information here.)

Yakama Christian Mission encourages you to consider joining us for three days on the California coast to better understand the history of the landscape, Chumash people, and the need for a National Marine Sanctuary.

Over the last year the Standing Rock gathering has raised awareness for a need to pay close attention to the water and soil of or planet.  This gathering is a time for you–individual, youth group, young adult group, elders–to join others to better understand and to converse about the unique gifts of Creation.  This will be a time of listening and prayer.

Exact place and time is to be determined.  If you are interested in more information as it becomes available please fill out the form below.

A small fee will be determined.